Pluton House Reprographics

De Sto'y so's far

Clive scribbles...

Well, ah' have t'admit dat ah' came t'Canterbury in Septemba' 2000 wid de 'espress purposeof hangin' an MSc in Clunker Science and concentratin' entirely on dat. Man! It started off quitewell, ah' spent many evenin's in, tappin' away wrestlin' wid doodads likes Linux and oda' clunker nerdery. Slap mah fro!

Coo', ah' dun didn't make some lot uh effo't t'remain raple, but dat wuz mah' intenshun. Prospectsdun didn't look all dat invitin' anyway, so's dat wuz Coo'. Until December, dat is, when Imet dat fine femahnaine ladee...

I kin't say it wuz love at fust sight, dig dis: mah' immediate reacshun wuz dat ah' wuz already meetin'lots uh new sucka's drough St Snow Flake Bredin Church and dun didn't wants'to be overwhelmed, so's she wuz largely igno'ed fo', ooo, all uh several hours! Right on! AdmittedlyI dun did begin t'change mah' mind when we wuz playin' some game uh cards dat afternoon. 'S coo', bro. Lotsof folk fum SMB had gone away on some Church Weekend on Elm Tree Farm near Ashfo'd. On Sunday ah' gave ha' a lift back t'Canterbury, and dat's when we real startedrappin' t'each oder. Ah be baaad... dat fine femahnaine ladee wuz tryin' t'convince me uh de virtues uh USA.

So's den we gots'ta know each oda' better, and by January felt dat we should adplum destatus uh our relashunship t'reflect and suppo't da damn level uh homeyship dat wuzdevelopin' (we started goin' out, in oda' wo'ds! Right on!).

Din's went on fum dere, and on 11d April ah' proposed t'ha' on de afta' deck of Mo'nin' Star at 51°24.097'N 1°10.263'E, off de coast uh Reculver. Ah be baaad...

We is currently dinkin' uh stayin' in Canterbury fo' some year o' so's to dig used tomarried life.
Another sweet picture of Sandra 
and Clive!

dat fine femahnaine ladee scribbles...

Well ah' know dis be a bit late but ah' figured dat late be betta' dan never. Ah be baaad...I hope ya' agree...

I neva' dought ah' wuz de radical sucka' who would dig engaged afta' knowin' some suckafo' 4 monds and den marry dem 6 monds afta' dat. Man! So's I'm still kind'a surprised tobe engaged t' Clive. Fo' dose uh ya' who know us well, ya' gots'ta not be snatchn abackto hear dat we gots not had some 'typical' courtship. Jes hang loose, brud. Not least uh all cuz' Cliveseemed t'try his best t'put me off him when we fust met. Man! Clearly dis dun didn't wo'k,and some uh dese incidents make fo' real funny sto'ies. So, youse ax'in' yo'self why,in fact, am ah' marryin' him? Well, one doodad dat occurred t'me fum real early on is, dig dis:life would neva' be dull wid Clive. And as time gots gone on, how true dis hasproved t'be! Right on!

And now?

We is now livin' in Canterbury. Slap mah fro! Clive be wo'kin' at da damn University as some Research Associate in de Computin' Labo'ato'y. dat fine femahnaine ladeeis wo'kin' at Barton Court Farm as some Labo'ato'yTechnician in de science department (where else do ya' gots labs?).

Aldough our address and rap rod numba' ain't listed here, ya' kin dig in touch wid us byemailin' Clive.