Pluton House Reprographics

The Story so far

Clive writes...

Well, I have to admit that I came to Canterbury in September 2000 with the express purpose of doing an MSc in Computer Science and concentrating entirely on that. It started off quite well, I spent many evenings in, tapping away wrestling with things like Linux and other computer nerdery.

OK, I didn't make a lot of effort to remain single, but that was my intention. Prospects didn't look all that inviting anyway, so that was OK. Until December, that is, when I met Sandra...

I can't say it was love at first sight: my immediate reaction was that I was already meeting lots of new people through St Mary Bredin Church and didn't want to be overwhelmed, so she was largely ignored for, ooo, all of several hours! Admittedly I did begin to change my mind when we were playing a game of cards that afternoon. Lots of folk from SMB had gone away on a Church Weekend on Elm Tree Farm near Ashford. On Sunday I gave her a lift back to Canterbury, and that's when we really started talking to each other. Sandra was trying to convince me of the virtues of USA.

So then we got to know each other better, and by January felt that we should adjust the status of our relationship to reflect and support the level of friendship that was developing (we started going out, in other words!).

Things went on from there, and on 11th April I proposed to her on the after deck of Morning Star at 51°24.097'N 1°10.263'E, off the coast of Reculver.

After staying in Canterbury for a year, we are now ready to move on. Sandra is going to do an MSc in Biomedical Sciences (Research) at King's College and I am going to work for the RNIB as their Digital Broadcast Development Manager. Check out our new address.
Another sweet picture of Sandra and Clive!

Sandra writes...

Well I know this is a bit late but I figured that late is better than never. I hope you agree...

I never thought I was the sort of person who would get engaged after knowing someone for 4 months and then marry them 6 months after that. So I'm still kind of surprised to be engaged to Clive. For those of you who know us well, you will not be taken aback to hear that we have not had a 'typical' courtship. Not least of all because Clive seemed to try his best to put me off him when we first met. Clearly this didn't work, and some of these incidents make for very funny stories. So, you're asking yourself why, in fact, am I marrying him? Well, one thing that occurred to me from very early on is: life would never be dull with Clive. And as time has gone on, how true this has proved to be!

And now?

We are now living in Canterbury. Clive is working at the University as a Research Associate in the Computing Laboratory. Sandra is working at Barton Court School as a Laboratory Technician in the science department (where else do you have labs?).

Although our address and phone number are not listed here, you can get in touch with us by emailing Clive.