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WAP services

What is WAP?

WAP is a service offered on some GSM phones, by some phone companies. It's quite widespread in the UK, but I couldn't say for other countries. WAP itself (to get techie for a moment) is Wireless Application Protocol, which is a highly efficient means of transferring information between a phone and a gateway. The gateway then translates services offered in WML (Wireless Markup Language) via standard HTTP.

What is offered here?

If you have access to WAP on your phone, and you have a GPS, then you need to bookmark this site, on your WAP-enabled phone.

OS Grid lookup

The service allows you to turn a UK Postcode into an OS Grid reference - which is great when you're trying to find somewhere because, as long as you have a Postcode, you can find out the grid reference, enter this into your GPS and let it guide you to your destination!

Cache lookup

This is for looking up Geocaching cache sites. If you're having a day out, with your phone and GPS (like everyone takes with them all the time!) and you spontaneously decide you want to look for a cache, this is the place to come!