C004: Trouble booting the right disk

So, you've got two hard drives, but whatever you set in the BIOS, it always boots onto the wrong one. Arggghhh! This happens when you have two different types of drive, eg one ATAPI and one RAID (or SCSI). The BIOS does in fact boot onto the drive you specify. But then Windows reads \boot.ini which tells it where to continue loading Windows. If this says 'rdisk(0)partition(1)' then that is where it will boot from. Since the ATAPI will always appear higher up the list than a RAID disk, the ATAPI one is always 0. So although you have booted onto disk1, Windows then loads from disk0. The way to fix this is to edit \boot.ini and add two options: one for disk0 and one for disk1. Make sure it's the ATAPI disk that you are editing, otherwise your changes will be ignored! Change the rdisk value.