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Create your own CD!

Yes, that's right! This facility enables you build your very own CD by customising the tracks you want! You can hear short excerps from each track available to see if you think you'll like it, then enter your details and in a few days it will be delivered right to your door! All for only 5 per CD, including postage and packing (UK only)! (US rates negotiable)

The Tracks

Composed and performed purely by Clive Miller

Count This!
Deepest / Darkest MP3:5429kb
Footsteps=Danger MP3:3743kb
Meditation by a stream
Mountain Air II MP3:4169kb
Summer Flying
Drums and Bass
Sea Start
Suite Pour L'Ensemble Numerique
Wind on Mars
Hitler's Dawn
For Ever (well, for a while anyway)
Get up!
Just Thinking
Let's Dive MP3:2408kb
Not Now!
Original Meditation
Rat Race
Life Rap
Rave On!

With special guest stars

Mixalydiatosis composed by Adrian Wynn MP3:5052kb
Secret Place Lyrics by Tina Carpenter, Sung by Alun Leppitt
Pink Panther Composed by Henry Mancini, drumming by Alun Leppitt
Prelude One Composed mainly by J. S. Bach
Follow the yellow sick toad Title supplied by Martin Norris
More Love, More Power Composed by Jude del Hierro
Popcorn Traditional
What people say...
"Clive, this music is all very well for someone sitting in the privacy of their own home with a keyboard, but you wouldn't want to put it onto CD!" John Boughton, Music critic
"I suppose you could try flogging it in the airports?" As above
"If we ever need any 'on hold' music..." As above
"I think it's lovely" Esther Boughton, Far more musical person
"With neither the right equipment nor the skill, it's jolly difficult to produce decent music" Clive Miller, not wishing to imply at all that this refers to him and his music...