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CD builder

Use this facility to put together your very own CD, containing the tracks you have chosen! Only 5 including postage and packing (UK only)!

Sorry, your browser does not support Java Applets! Contact me instead.

How to use the CD builder facility

On the left is a list of the available tracks, together with the duration of each one. On the right is the list of tracks to be on the CD that you are building (initially empty).

When you select a track, on either list, a description of it is given in the box below.

To add a track, select it from the list on the left, and press Add/Remove. It will be moved from the available list (because we assume you only want any track once) to the CD list. The next one in the available list is then selected for convenience.

To remove a track, select it from the list on the right and press Add/Remove. It will be removed from Your CD and rejoin the available list at the bottom.

To hear a clip of a track, select it in either list and press Preview. A ten second section of the clip will be played. The quality of this is intentionally low to reduce the time it takes to load. So that you might compare how that sounds to how it will be on the CD, an mp3 version of Wind on Mars is available here. You will need an appropriate mp3 player to hear it.

Once you have several tracks on Your CD, you may wish to rearrange them. This you can do with the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Select the track you wish to move and click one of these buttons. It will only work for the track on the right-hand list.

Below these buttons is a time indicator showing how much space is still left on the CD. As you add tracks, it fills up with green and tells you how much time is Remaining. If you try to add too much, it will turn red and tell you by how much you are Over by. It doesn't matter how much you put on, until you come to create the CD, by which time it must be green.

When you are happy with your selection, press Create CD. This is only possible when you have at least one track and the CD is not over full. A new window will open for you to check you are happy with the selection you have made, and for you to enter your details. You can give your CD a title too!

You may notice that the remaining time drops by two seconds more than the length of the track. Ah! That's because there's a two second pause between tracks on the CD!

New!AutoFill This feature fills up the remaining space with the best combination of tracks it can find, chosen at random. You can either use it straight away with a blank disc, or add the tracks you most want first and then press it. Either way, you end up wasting as little as possible, and that means best value for money!. When you press AutoFill a box shows up telling you how well the search engine is doing at finding the best tracks for you. When it's found the best it can, it will close automatically. Alternatively, it tells you how good the current best fit is, and you can accept that or cancel the whole thing. It usually works very quickly, so you may not even see the box before it's already finished!!

If you wish to clear your selection and start again from scratch, press Refresh on your Browser.

If you want to make several copies of the same, or slightly different discs, you can always return to the builder after you've processed each order.