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See plans for Ground floor and First floor. Do you recognise any of it at all???


More pictures can be seen on the Picture archive.


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18 June 2009

Finally some progress is being made on the garden. Roll over to see the difference!...

14 November 2008

Now the rendering is done, the painting done and the scaffolding down, here is the aftermath...

5 April 2008

Yesterday we went to Ikea and bought the kitchen. Six trollies and 103 items...

Lots else has happened recently, best look at the picture archive for details, but here are some nice before and after pictures. Hover over the old pictures to see the new!

6 September 2007

It's been rather slow progress, not much to show because it's all been the details inside.

Here's the garden room, testing out the lights!

Here's how it looks with a growing porch...

Here's the beautiful-looking basement with the turning on of the lights for the first time!

This is the bit that Sandra's most excited about: it's a post box - a cupboard for dropping off parcels!

31 May 2007

Roof goes on the Garden Room.

14 April 2007

Ah, they've put the side back on again!

27 February 2007

Some good progress on the basement.

30 January 2007

Finally, the foundations are down and the brickwork has started!

17 December 2006

On the edge of reason!

10 December 2006

Progress on the 'Garden Room'

2 December 2006

The bricklaying has started!

29 November 2006

It's difficult to get the perspective, but this is actually quite a big hole!

17 November 2006

Much more light in the kitchen now, eh?

What with no conservatory!

Burn, baby, burn!

15 November 2006

They've killed the bedroom!

11 November 2006

How it was, more or less.


More pictures can be seen on the Picture archive.
Details of the plans can be found on the Council's website.